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Sandblasted Glass Personalised Candle Holder: Snowflakes


Snowflake Candle Holder


Our Sandblasted Glass Christmas Snowflake Candle Holders are personalised with your baby's name on the front, surrounded by tiny snowflakes.  The back of the candle holder features the quote, "Every snowflake that falls reminds me of you".

The candle holders are handmade in the UK using a very precise sandblasting technique.  Each candle holder is designed by hand according to your requirements, creating a stunning keepsake that is truly unique to you and your baby or babies.  A custom piece of vinyl is created as a template and applied carefully to the candle holder and the candle holder is then blasted with sand.  The vinyl template is removed, leaving a beautifully sandblasted piece of glass that is truly one of a kind.  When you light a candle in your candle holder, it will create beautiful shadows and cast beams of light into the room.  The candles are perfect for lighting throughout the Christmas (or winter) season, to honour and remember your baby.

The candle holders are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  Each candle holder measures 10cm in height and comes wrapped in a choice of white, pink or blue tissue paper, and comes in a sturdy cardbord box for safe keeping (making them perfect to give as a gift to a loved one), but we are sure that you will take them straight out of the box to proudly display the unique keepsake you have bought in memory of your baby.



Because our items are handmade to order, depending on our waiting times they can sometimes take up to 3 weeks to arrive with you.  

If you need your item(s) to arrive before a special date, please contact us before you order, to make sure we can meet your request.

Please note that all our prices include UK postage and packaging. 

We are currently not taking International orders for shipping outside of the UK.



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